How to Play Canada Trivia ChallengeTM

You can play a single player game, by clicking Game.

Players can manage their profile and view their career stats, by category. You do not need to be a registered Player to play a single player Game, but you do need to register to have your career stats tracked.

Registered Players also receive the Question of the Day and will be the first to play new Canada Trivia questions as they are approved.

Perfect Game Hall of Fame

Our newest feature, the Perfect Game Hall of Fame. Score a Perfect Game and add your name to our Hall of Fame.

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Game On: Canada Trivia Challenge

As with most good ideas, Canada Trivia Challenge was conceived between hockey games in a locker room. To pass the time, we started bringing up Canada trivia questions. It was a tremendous time waster for a bunch of grown men with nothing better to do at the time. That got us thinking, who else needs to waste some time in the glorious pursuit of proving their Canada trivia knowledge? The answer, of course, is nearly every Canadian. Canada has 150+ years of history, of sport, people, arts and entertainment, and of course, geography. So the idea of building a mobile friendly website to support the incredible need to waste time on Canada trivia had grown roots. By the time we had our next weekend tournament, a couple weeks later, we had a working first draft of the trivia website available and the team took to it with an intense desire to get a perfect game score. As we played, they came up with a number of question suggestions, so we built a way for them to submit questions themselves.

We keep evolving and adding new questions to the database and of course receive question suggestions from our users almost daily. Some of them we already know the correct answer and we just approve them. Others we have to look up to verify. We have a few more enhancements on the drawing board so keep playing and enjoying and we will keep offing this time wasting knowledge testing Canada trivia challenge for free.

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